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about me


Hey there! I'm Amanda,

a portrait and food photographer.

-People often refer to me as the crazy cat lady or chocoholic.

-I'm 33 and live in a small town in southern WI.

-Most days you can find me at home, playing with my kitties.

-I often dream of being on the west coast where snow doesn't exist and it's warm year-round.

-I can quote every episode of The Office.

I absolutely love the summer and sunshine. I spend my summers paddle boarding and sun bathing mostly.

-If you tell me a super corny joke, I will laugh, a lot.

-Not only do I adore cats; I am a HUGE animal lover in general. If I could rescue all the suffering animals in the world, I would. 


As a photographer, I focus on the beauty and details of my subjects. I have a simple, yet creative style that is shown through the composition, use of vibrant color, and high contrast in my photographs. Whether it’s portraits or food, I use my graphic arts background to create aesthetically pleasing photographs for clients. 


Now, I want to get to know YOU!

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